Wabisabi the acceptance of transience, imperfection and the beauty the passing of time bestows upon everything.

We, together, with everything in this material world are simply passing through, observers if you will to the spectacle of how time moulds its artistry around us and in us.

Many find this concept, quite grim. The idea that our youth will eventually give way to age and our vigor to entropy and eventual decay, at first glance, could only either be depressing, if not hopeless. Such feelings are valid and rightfully placed. After all, there is so much beauty in life, that while, many of us, may live in the most uncomfortable of circumstances and yet, we hold fast to the will to live.

The soul somehow, discerns this wisdome.

Yet the mind, in all its capacities, unlike our soul, is ignorant of another piece of such wisdom causing many to feel despondent, hedonistic, apathetic and greedy. The ignorance of our forgetful mind to coalesce with that of our soul had caused many to wander in life devoid of meaning, carried by the current of the times as leaves on a river–living a life, merely of existence, want and frustration and constant rush.

For when both the soul and mind, come to accept, that our terminal end, for which, we so poetically had penned it–is not the defining paragraph of the plot of our lives–then we shall come to an acceptance, appreciation and zest in our lives.

We are all going to die for certain, the destination, is a discussion for another time. But, the summary of the narrative of live, was never our birth and our death. It is, the in between, the careful and deliberate way we had spent it to the full, to the things that bring good, with those we love and care about and doing things that make us feel one with the one, in whom all things, are one.

The beauty of Wabisabi, is in its consoling simplicity. It’s way of communicating to us in such tender and yet immutable way, that as the seasons come and unfold a change in nature, we are so profoundly to be grateful, to not be left behind. That the true plot of our lives are about our flaws, fragility and imperfection and how we aspire, innovate, change and go above and beyond ourselves towards a sense of purpose aligned to that of which everything in nature has.

That we can fall seven times and get back up eight.

The our broken nature, is the reason light comes in.

That our fragility is the what courage and strength is measured with.

That in our imperfections our values of love, forgiveness and change are all made poetically resonating, as the leaves are, in all the seasons and colours.

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