May 9, What We Ought to Remember

Election Day is just around the corner.

The highest office in the government is up for grabs.

Once more, we are all at the helm of making an important decision—finding a President.

The search had been a messy business.

From the bitter rivalry in Tejeros that led to Bonifacio’s death, to his bones being dug by Quezon when he ran against Aguinaldo for the Commonwealth Government down to the most recent Presidential elections—this period of campaigning for votes had never been short of brutal, scandalous and barbaric.


Campaign Material Highlighting Aguinaldo’s involvement in the killing of Bonifacio. A memory of a bitter rivalry.


This year’s Presidential campaign is definitely not an exemption. Sparing no tactic from the manual, our current President Wannabes had shown their desire to take everything down the wire—and when we say down the wire, it means following what the handbook says to the letter.

A bit of mud-sling here and there, a few drops of self-righteous words, a trickle of some sweet promises and a touch of i-am-better-than-the –rest lines had completed the perfect mix of the herbs and spices necessary to cook the stew for the race of who will be the 16th President of an already divided, extremely unjust and corrupt democratic government run by the elites.

Our candidates have proven to be no better than the ones before them by employing the same techniques, but if they have not learned from history, I think we should.

The lesson being that CHANGE does not and will not come from the candidates—CHANGE is actuated by us. That regardless of who will win, if we, as a people, continue to stay blind, divided and apathetic then we will never have achieved anything this coming elections.

Let us not allow blind belief in one candidate merit them the right to tamper with the electoral process, cheat nor prey on the plight of the poor by paying our brothers and sisters for their sacred votes this coming elections.

Let us all grow up.

Stop the hate.

Remember that the people you get into a tasteless debate on FB and Twitter are Filipinos. They are fighting for your, not against you. True, they may have a different candidate in mind, but they want the same things as you do, which makes you two allies not enemies.

The real enemies are the capitalists, the elitist (in our case the oligarchs)and other shady people who fuel the vote-buying, who strong-arm and manipulate the candidates to further their interest and rig the polls—all for their own personal interests.

You may have chosen to be YELLOW, BLUE, WHITE, RED or hell you could have chosen RAINBOW (if there is a candidate who goes by that color), but at the end of the day, YOU are all FILIPINOS who want nothing more, but a better country.

Let us continually show diversity and campaign for our beliefs and for those whom we believe should lead the nation, but be wise enough not to plant seeds of hate, disunity and apathy along the way.

At the end of the day, what is more important on May 9 is not just who wins, but how we secure that whoever wins will know that we as a people are united. That we will be watching them and are ready to take them on , their administration, policies, decisions and government should they violate our Democracy.

For we, the people, are the government, and the authority and the power of the government emanates from its people.

United we stand a chance to see actual change. Divided we become mere tools to those the elite who will do nothing, but take advantage from all us.

Make a change. Dare to be different.

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