The Television is Evil

Most of us would remember a time when entertainment is but limited to toys and playing in the yard. Kids utilizing their physical vigor to do things and learning how to be sociable was recreation back then. Nowadays, though, where people move to cities which are cramped, crowded and unsafe for kids to play, to make a living—fun has taken a different turn.

In an attempt to make the kids safe and secure most parents introduce the television and computer as the primary means of entertainment. Rarely do we see kids go to playgrounds and play with kids their age today. Cases of kids getting addicted to gaming consoles and computer games have risen exponentially since the computer was made public. Mickey Mouse, has all been forgotten and had been replaced with far more complex characters that sometimes portray things our parents would have warned us against a couple of decades ago.

Technology has in effect bred the coming generation to be insensitive to each other. Being sensitive to others or being sociable has been replaced with individualistic isolation. Something that is brought by the fact that at a young age most of the kids today are glued to television sets or their consoles unmindful of what is happening outside. The next decade will be marked with apathy and total disregard towards others as technology continually produces tools of isolation.

No sane person, may it be a parent or not, would like kids to watch a gunfight right outside the house, yes? But, take a look at what we expose the kids to today. Children no longer watch Bugs Bunny nowadays. Yes, they do watch cartoons, but unlike the ones we grew up with, most of the cartoons today show violence euphemistically veiled by playful music or characters. Movie and TV shows nowadays expose the next generation to bloodshed, crime, violence and hate. Gaming today has also been not the ideal recreation we have had before. Some games have the objective of killing before getting killed, building empires to trample other empires and the likes.


What do you think are we programming the children of today to? Obviously, it is not towards altruism and goodwill. With the amount of violence, sadness, grief and crime our kids hear and see from today—reinforced with the recreation we allow them to be immersed—we have been programming our children to be unsympathetic and cold.

Our humanity has been fading. The sense of community that brought about lasting good to our species has been replaced with empty recreation.


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